Weight Loss Shake Recipes – Lose Weight Faster and Quicker With a Smoothie Or a Delicious Shake

Are you getting bored with the same old diet menu? Have you hit a plateau, and need something fun to keep you motivated? Do you miss delicious, sweet treats because you’re dieting? Then get ready for some delicious, nutritious weight loss shake recipes that will help you reach your goal, all without boring you to tears.

Studies have shown that replacing a meal with a healthy weight loss smoothie – especially if that meal is breakfast – will boost your metabolism and fill you up without all the calories from a meal.

But there are some important elements to a true weight loss shake that differ them from, say, a milkshake at your favorite burger joint.

• For instance, using skim milk or soy milk will greatly reduce the calorie and fat content. For an even better alternative, try using skim milk powder with the rest being water. You get all of the creaminess with none of the calories.

• Unless you are on a monitored weight loss plan that involves significant amounts of weight training, it’s not recommended to add protein powder to your shake or smoothie. You’re going to get enough of your protein form your meals for the day.

• However, additions such as flax seed oil – which gives you a nice dose of Omega 3 acids as well as other benefits – won’t change the taste of your shake at all, but will make it healthier. Wheat germ or wheat germ oil is another good one, as it lowers cholesterol and helps overall stamina.

So, are you ready for some delicious weight loss shake recipes?


Your basic mixture for any smoothie is going to be water. You can use crushed ice for a more dense or frozen concoction.

Use half water and half skim milk or soy milk. Or, use all water and a tablespoon of skim milk powder. Or, you can add yogurt instead for a super-creamy consistency.

Add any other powders or oils that are recommended for your weight loss plan.

Cut up the fruit you want to add into roughly even sizes, so your blender can mix it evenly and it won’t be too lumpy. Again, for a frozen shake texture, you can freeze your cut-up fruit chunks and add them whenever you’re ready.

Weight loss shake recipe ideas:

• Bananas give you potassium and make any shake extra smooth.

• Blueberries are powerful antioxidants, and give your shake a refreshing bite!

• Add coconut and pineapple for a pina colada that will help you lose weight!

• If you’re missing your calorie-laden frappucinos, add a tablespoon of instant coffee before blending.

• Add two teaspoons of honey for a sweeter treat!

• Chocolate addict? Add some carob powder for the taste that won’t go to your hips.

• A half a teaspoon of vanilla can give you a dessert shake without having to splurge on cake or sweets.

• If you’re looking for a little bit of extra protein that tastes great, add a teaspoon of low-fat peanut butter – or even raw-food peanuts for a crunch!

• Kiwi gives you a fresh new taste that is a bit exotic as well – and you get more potassium and vitamin C than bananas or oranges! And it’s a powerful antioxidant, too.

As you can see, weight loss shake recipes are huge time savers, they taste good, and they’re just plain fun. Take advantage of this short cut and knock a dress size off of your figure.

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