How A Dog Knows When His Meals Are Ready To Eat

If you are an owner of a dog, have you ever wondered how your dog recognises you? It is all down to your smell or body scent.

A humans body emits body odour with different aromas coming from various areas of the body.

Human skin tissue is covered with sebaceous glands that leave a trail of dead skin cells. Wherever we go the air around is filled with these skin cells; even tough we can’t smell then, any animal with a keen sense of smell can.

All breeds of dogs have a highly sensitive nose and can sniff out scents that are humans are not aware of. This is especially the case with working dogs that are bred to hunt.

Following a trail of a person’s scent is easy for a dog. How many times have you placed their dog food on the floor, and they are at your side before you have even called out to them to come and eat?

A pet diet that contributes to good dog nutrition will contain balanced quality ingredients that will smell delicious to a dog – one which your pet will respond immediately to.

Preparing meals for a puppy can be time consuming; he requires small portions of food that is especially designed for a puppy, fed at least four times a day so as to not put too much stress on his small stomach.

However, as a puppy approaches the age of six months the portions can be reduced to three meals and then two, increasing the amounts accordingly.

Adult dogs and senior dogs require meals that have been specially manufactured with more essential quality balanced ingredients, a greater amount of vitamins and minerals to help with essential dog nutrition at various stages of their life.

At Hills Pets our range of Science Plan balanced dog food caters for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.

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