Save Your Money on Meals

On a grocery list, meat is considered among the most expensive items. However, it is still possible to enjoy meat products, especially chicken, as it is less expensive than others. Becoming a vegetarian is not a good choice for everyone just to reduce a few meals. What you need to do is having dinners without meat, which are still enjoyable.


First, start by making a weekly menu that include the dinners you like and then purchase all the items for each dinner. If you have children this will help with cost.


Lets talk about some of these meatless dinners that we can cook. I personally love bean tostadas; these are just hard shell tortillas covered with refried beans. My children and I love our tostadas and ours consist of beans, cheese and sour cream with jalapenos. This is meal is quick and easy to make. You can just purchase refried beans in a can; you can also purchase the tostadas in a bag.


Another meal that you may want to consider would be cheese enchiladas with rice and a small salad on the side. Who doesn’t know how to do cheese enchiladas? You will need a pan to put in the oven. Heat up your tortillas just enough so they won’t break. Once heated, wrap the cheese in the tortilla and put it in the pan, make sure you grease the pan. Once you have filled the pan place it in the oven for about 30 minutes. While that is baking make the rice and salad.

See one quick meal…


The next meal a salad; we will substitute the meat with some eggs. Now this is pretty easy. Get everything that you like, for me I like a big salad. I prepare mine with cucumbers, tomatoes, cheese, carrot strips and two boil eggs. You would not believe this but this really fills you up.


If you are in the mood for soup, try a veggie noodle soup. Cook your noodles with some chicken broth and include some frozen veggies with some crackers this is a great meal. Just include the ingredients that you like and wow another meal.


No matter what cutting cost on meat products can save you big.


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