Public Relations Success Stories

What makes public relations so fascinating are the unexpected successes. Once you get the story out there, via a media relations campaign, a press conference, or PR events, you never know who is going to see, hear or read it. It can result in totally surprising and unanticipated results. There are countless stories of business owners and entrepreneurs who ended up gaining unexpected rewards from their media relations campaigns.

For example, one author was getting ready to self publish a book, but pre- publishing media exposure helped her catch the eye of a major publisher. A deal was struck and the book was published by a major company. Another entrepreneur appeared on a national morning show and was so well received that they invited her to appear on the show in a semi-regular slot. Another was offered a new business venture after being featured on a national talk show. These were all great opportunities that came about because of public relations and media exposure, but they were not the primary objectives of the campaigns.

As stated earlier, that’s what makes PR such an intriguing and successful way to market. By positioning yourself as a news story you strategically place yourself as an expert in the media. Investors, clients, and those that could offer you opportunities you haven’t even considered are going to be watching, reading and following your media coverage. You want to begin and launch your PR plan and campaign with specific strategies in mind.

They vary from person to person and from company to company. For some the primary objective is to land more clients, for others to raise capital, others want to establish a stronger profile locally and nationally. It’s important that you know your objectives before framing and launching your campaign. You need to decide whether press conferences or PR events right for your particular campaign? The intriguing part is while you’re reaching your target market and promotional goals via public relations that press coverage can also lead to other money making ventures and career opportunities.

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