Celebrity Weight Loss Success Stories Using Acai

With nearly a new acai product being released onto the market each day it’s little wonder that consumers search for celebrity weight loss success stories as a means to verify what all the hype is about. What does become apparent if you take all these websites with a pinch of salt is that the marketing hype seems to be a little further ahead than the actual science.

Whilst Acai is not F.D.A approved – as those with this C.E seal of approval harp on about how unique and more beneficial their products are, Xenical for example – there are still a whole host of eastern and western medicines which dietitians believe are far superior than over the counter drugs.

Alli, which contains Xenical uses this F.DA certificate as a means to steal much of the weight loss market in the U.S and now in the U.K, but in fact tests have now shown that when compared with an open-diet plan, on average individuals only managed a mean weight loss of just 13 pounds with Alli for the year as opposed to an open-diet plans 6 pounds.

Not a dramatic shift by no means, plus not only are treatment effects such as bloating and diarrhea common, if your diet contains little fat then Alli is pretty much useless and you are also advised to take supplementary multi-vitamins as Vitamin A, D, E and K are all blocked from being broken down in your intestine.

Whilst restricting your diet from one of the three essential macro-nutrients, the others being carbohydrates and protein, why eliminate an important food type when certain fatty acids are needed for your overall health.

Acai on the other hand should be 100% natural if you avoid the spray dried butchered acai powder that is about 75-95% dried corn starch.

Acai contains fat burning qualities which unlike Alli are rich in anti-oxidants that bring a whole host of benefits. Ideally your Acai supplement will work best at helping reduce inflammatory disorders, lowering your blood sugar and insulin levels and notably prove to be a natural appetite suppressant whilst delivering weight loss qualities.

Of the most famous celebrities that have used Acai, Brad Pitt is noted as having used this ingredient in combination with a workout regime administered by his personal trainer.

Required to lose 5% of his body mass in 2 months – 20 pounds – for his recent movie “Burn After Reading”, Brad Pitt was able to reach this goal successfully and since news from other main stream celebrities has surfaced, Acai has become one of the most popular weight loss and anti-aging supplements on the market.

Sumner Redstone, owner of Viacom the T.V giant has also been a regular user of Acai since 2005, long before all the hype surfaced. Currently in his 80’s but looks a man in his 50”s he describes the Acai berries he takes as an important supplement for the day as they deliver a noticeable boost in energy whilst maintaining a slim physique which is essential as you age he argues.

Other celebrities include Kelly Slater, Mariano Rivera, Sanoe Lake,Chaka Khan, Torii Hunter and Michael Saucedo Steve Burton, Matthew McConaughey to name but a few.

Pronounced “asarhee” – Acai is by far the most complete food type available which provides the following attributes:

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